Expedition Funding


As you can imagine, an expedition like this takes some funding...

The costs include equipment - kayaks and paddles are fairly obvious, then there's camping gear, GPS, sat nav phones, beacons, water filters, solar chargers, clothing, dry bags, medical equipment and medicines. The list goes on. Then there's guides, security, insurance, professional support team, flights, costs on route... All up we're looking at close to $150k. While it's not an impossible amount to raise, it's going to take some doing and knocking on a lot of doors!

There are corporate sponsors already on board and discussions taking place with more. A few friends and people I've met have said they would also like to contribute to the funding for the expedition. This page lets you do just that with two options:

1. Australian Sports Foundation

I have partnered with the Australian Sports Foundation so all Australian donations are tax deductible. The Australian Sports Foundation’s mission is to help Australians fundraise to achieve their sporting dreams. Since they were founded by the Federal Government in 1986 they have helped over 1,200 individual athletes, organisations and sporting clubs, from the grassroots level through to the elite, raise more than $350 million for sporting activities.

2 Direct Donation

This payment portal goes through Stripe, a secure payment gateway. The reason I've done this rather than go through 'Crowd Funding' or similar is that they take a whopping 8% or more. Here the transaction fees are heaps smaller. 

Direct Donation

Alternatively, if you prefer a direct bank transfer, please just let me know on infor@paddlethenile.com or through the form below, and I'll send the details.


Any amount, however big or small, is HUGELY appreciated and will go to making this expedition happen.

Any questions, just let me know via the contact form.