Hi, Sarah here and I want as many people as possible to join me and be part of this expedition


Paddle with me

  • Do you paddle?  Have you always wanted to be part of something never done before?  Do you have a massive sense of adventure and be willing to head into the unknown?
  • There are spots for paddlers to join me - both rafting and kayaking.  This isn't a holiday, it's self-funding and you'll be paddling all day, day after day, in extreme conditions
  • Where you are from is irrelevant - I'm looking for local paddlers through the countries this expedition goes, and those from anywhere in the world, any background
  • Message me via the contact page - link below and I'll send you a form to complete

Winning Women

  • This is about having a personal WIN. What have you always wanted to do?  What's stopping you?
  • NOW is the time to do it - that thing, however big or small.  There may be no tomorrow, so let's inspire each other to do our firsts
  • It could be visiting a new country, doing your first 5km run, trying a new sport, asking your boss for an overdue pay rise...anything that has a strong meaning to you, a WHY behind it
  • Start planning it, work out what actions you need to take to get you there. And then, just get out there and do it - remember, we tend to only regret the things we didn't do...
  • Most importantly I want to hear about it - pop it on insta with #WinningWomen #MyFirst and #PaddleTheNile - make sure you include what it is and why it was important for YOU.  I'll re-post so we can all see and inspire each other. 
  • Time for action - let's do this!  And have a lot of fun on the way :-) 
  • Below is a link to the 'Paddle the Nile' insta


  • I will be raising money for CARE, a global leader within a worldwide movement dedicated to saving lives, ending poverty and achieving social justice
  • They put women and girls in the centre because they know we can't overcome poverty until all people have equal rights and opportunities
  • All their initiatives have a strong focus on women and girls, because CARE's research and experience has shown that they are key to effectively overcoming poverty and injustice

  • Let's help others as we make our way along the Nile
  • Why not raise money as part of your 'first'? Check out the donation page and find out more