We will be travelling from source to sea: the Nile's source in Rwanda to where it meets the Mediterranean sea, 6,853km later.

The Nile has two primary tributaries: the Blue and White Nile.  This expedition is planning to follow the White Nile.

 This is on the wall at home - a constant visual of what's ahead...

This is on the wall at home - a constant visual of what's ahead...


  • We'll start in Rwanda, before dipping into Tanzania and then crossing Lake Victoria
  • From there we head up through Uganda to the massive rapids at Murchison Falls
  • There it crosses the border to South Sudan.  There's a possibility the situation in South Sudan will make it impossible to travel through, in which case we'll cross to Ethiopia and pick up the Blue Nile
  • As we go, depending on the intelligence reports we get, we might have to by-pass small sections
  • Assuming we're good to go through South Sudan, we then cross into Sudan and travel up to Khartoum where the White and Blue Nile meet
  • From there it's the home stretch through Egypt until we hit the Med
  • Sounds easy right?!





  • There will be different paddlers and people involved throughout the expedition - this is a big team effort
  • Check out the 'Get Involved' page to find out more about joining as a paddler
  • When it comes to the kayaking sections, there will be a group of us at all times
  • We have a highly experienced rafting guides for Uganda and Rwanda. This includes Pete Meredith, who has taken commercial rafting trips down sections of the Nile that no one else has. He, with Hendri Coetzee, completed a source to sea navigation of the Nile and has provided endless valuable advice for this expedition (you can read about it in Hendri's book 'Living the best day ever'
  • On top of that there will be additional security and protection as needed (based on the intell we get before setting off and as we go) 
  • Before we get going there's a big team helping out without which this expedition wouldn't be happening
  • Check out the team for details on a few of them




  • The craft will vary depending on the section we go through
  • Through the rapids in Rwanda and Uganda we'll be rafting
  • The picture on the left is taken in Uganda by Nile River Explorers - FYI this by no means the toughest section we'll be hitting
  • For the remainder it will be in folding kayaks like the ones on the right here
  • We will be carrying all our gear: camping gear, food, water, medical and first aid supplies
  • At various points on route we'll be restocking as needed