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Why this expedition?

This expedition came in my search for more, the need for fulfilment, trying to find a purpose and what the next chapter was going to hold for me. Life was, and is, amazing but starring down the barrel of decades more working Monday to Friday with four weeks leave a year wasn't going to cut it. There had to be more. 

After much soul searching, researching and thinking I came up with this expedition. I was inspired by a couple of people who'd done expeditions in sports that were new to them and they weren't your classic adventurers. You know, those ex-military, Bear Grylls types. No, these were ordinary people with big dreams. They made me realise that maybe I too could go on an expedition. 

So then it was time to work out what. The fun bit! It had to be kayaking. The question was where and ideally something that hadn't been done before. The Nile. No woman has completed a human powered source to sea descent of this, the world's longest river. It was like the ultimate light bulb moment. It brings together all my passions and hankering for challenge. It takes me to my favourite destination - Africa. I've had many trips there and loved every one. From the breathtaking landscapes to the people and the cultures. 

The expedition alone wasn't enough. I want to use this to try and add some value and give back. I am raising money for charity and using this expedition to try to encourage and inspire women to go on adventures big and small and see what they are capable of. Plus to share the incredible places I go and maybe add them to a few bucket lists.   


I was born in the England before moving to Australia to a place that I instantly fell in love with.  It's been home ever since and I'm very proud to have become an Australian citizen.  

Sport has been a huge part of my life, pretty much since I could walk. I've tried countless types and I got into kayaking after joining my local surf club, North Bondi Surf Lifesaving Club. And loving to compete I've done a few comps and some recent results are:

  • ICF Ocean Racing World Championships 2017 Hong Kong (Gold, age group)

  • Molokai Challenge 2017, Hawaii (3rd, women)

  • Australian Ocean Racing Series 2017 (1st in series, women's masters)

  • Coolangatta Gold Long Course 2014 (Gold, women's masters)

Along with sport, travel and adventure is my passion. I have been very fortunate to go on some amazing trips and enjoyed some incredible experiences in over thirty countries around the world.

When it comes to work, I'm a bit of a geek and spent most of my time in banking in risk and project management. It's been rewarding applying these skills to this passion project.  So now it's time to put it all to the test and put paddles to the water. 

I'm really looking forward to sharing this journey with you.

Sarah x x

White water kayaking on the Nile in Uganda

White water kayaking on the Nile in Uganda