We will be travelling from source to sea: the Nile's source in Rwanda to where it meets the Mediterranean sea, 6,853km later.

The Nile has two primary tributaries: the Blue and White Nile.  This expedition is planning to follow the White Nile.

This is on the wall at home - a constant visual of what's ahead...

This is on the wall at home - a constant visual of what's ahead...


  • We'll start in Rwanda, before dipping into Tanzania and then Uganda before crossing Lake Victoria

  • From there we head up through Uganda to the massive rapids at Murchison Falls

  • Then it's up to and through South Sudan before heading into Sudan and travel up to Khartoum and until to the border with Egypt

  • From there it's the home stretch through Egypt until we hit the Med

  • Sounds easy right?!

As we go, depending on the intelligence reports we get, we might have to by-pass some sections.





  • There will be different paddlers and people involved throughout the expedition - this is a big team effort

  • When it comes to the kayaking sections, there will be a group of us at all times

  • We have a highly experienced rafting guides for Uganda and Rwanda

  • On top of that there will be additional security and protection as needed (based on the intell we get before setting off and as we go)

  • Before paddles even that the water there's a team helping out, without which this expedition wouldn't be happening




  • The craft will vary depending on the section we go through

  • Through the rapids in Rwanda and Uganda we'll be rafting

  • The picture on the left is taken in Uganda by Nile River Explorers - FYI this by no means the toughest section we'll be hitting

  • For the remainder it will be in a folding kayak like the ones on the right here

  • We will be carrying all our gear: camping gear, food, water, medical and first aid supplies

  • At various points on route we'll be restocking as needed