the expedition began at the Nile's source in Rwanda. It then followed the path of the white nile to its end at the Mediterranean sea

The trip involved 1,100km of rafting, 3,000km of kayak and various other forms of transport along this mighty river



  • We started in Rwanda, before dipping into Tanzania and then Uganda before crossing Lake Victoria

  • From there we headed up through Uganda

  • Unfortunately South Sudan had to be skipped for security reasons

  • So it was straight up to Sudan and kayaking up to Khartoum and on until to the border with Egypt

  • From there it was the home stretch through Egypt until reaching the Med

  • On the way there was a full on hippo attack, being arrested and detained in Burundi, running some ridiculous lethal rapids and travelling through Sudan as the people were attempting to overthrow the government

  • There was a parasite that had to be dug out of my toe, hands cracking in the heat and being hospitalised with a nasty bout of food poisoning on the way

  • There was NEVER a dull moment



  • There were many different paddlers for this trip

  • There were highly experienced rafting guides for Uganda and Rwanda

  • Then I had local kayakers with my through Sudan and Egypt

  • You can meet them here

  • Behind the scenes there was a team providing intelligence reports, performing cyber checks and who I checked in with daily

  • On stand by were a few of my close friends, making up the crisis team in case a situation arose. And it did!




Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 10.10.44 pm.png
  • Through Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda it was rafting

  • The picture on the left was one of the scariest moments as we had to run this ridiculous lethal rapid. We survived!

  • For the remainder it was in kayaks

  • All our gear: camping gear, food, water, medical and first aid supplies was carried with us

  • At various points on route we restocked as needed