Holiday Paddles


After a very chilled Christmas, which included a paddle on the harbour on Christmas morning I packed up the car, thew on the ski on top and headed up to Avalon, just over an hour north of Sydney. Had a gorgeous little AirBnB for a few nights. 

It was about getting away from it all - the to-do lists, training, feeling the need to be productive and active. It was JUST what I needed. I spent some time reflecting on 2017 and what an amazing year it has been. It has been packed, so much fun, very rewarding and full of incredible experiences - from racing in Molokai, Australia and Hong Kong. To launching Paddle the Nile and everything that came with that. To  visiting Sudan and Egypt. I have met so many incredible people that I otherwise would never have done. I have been very humbled by the support of my friends, colleagues and complete strangers who have reached out to help.  When I put this expedition in motion I underestimated how good this part would be - the lead up to the start.  It has been a truly heartwarming experience.  To everyone who has been part of it, THANK YOU.

Here's a video from paddling up at Avalon. Cannot imagine a better way to close out 2017.


Sarah Davis